Retell Lecture

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This question type is the 4th one in the Speaking Section. Test takers will hear a lecture of about 1 minute before they have 10 seconds for organizing what they have noted down from the lecture.

Audio length: normally 60-90 seconds.

Preparation time: 10 seconds.

Answer time: 40 seconds.

Number of questions in the test: 1 – 2.


Exam tips

There are 3 steps to answering a retell lecture question.

Step 1: Listen carefully and take notes.

When taking notes, write down as many content words or phrases as possible. And your notes need to be easy to understand and read.

Step 2: Use the 10-second prep time to select notes to read later.

Ignore unrecognizable notes (poor handwriting/short form unrecognizable).

Skip words that are difficult to pronounce.

Step 3: Reply with BoostPTE  RL Template.

Try to mention at least 8 keywords or phrases. Grammar doesn’t matter when you’re answering.

The trademark difference is usually NOT in the model you use. It is usually caused by differences in fluency and pronunciation. So make sure you speak clearly and fluently.


Download the template

RL Template Download.

You can download it for free on BoostPTE website or APP.


Answer Time

Even though you have up to 40 seconds to talk, you don’t have to use all of it. 25 to 30 seconds is enough. Of course, if you have more than 8 keywords or phrases to recount, you can also talk a little longer. But keep it for 35 seconds. If you speak too long and do not finish speaking by the end of 40 seconds, you will be deducted points for speaking fluency.

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