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Popular Questions to Ask Before Choosing a BoostPTE

You will be surprised how quickly you reach your English level with all the advanced facilities we offer in one place. We do not collect subscribers, instead, we are proud to share your success story.

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. This is a globally valid English certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC, and gets a fast score (after 24 hours, 5 days at the latest). This certificate is often used for the purpose of studying and settling abroad, especially in Australia and New Zealand.

PTE Academic is the most popular PTE exam for those who want to study, work or settle in English-speaking countries. In particular, in New Zealand and Australia, 100% of universities accept this certificate and the immigration department also considers the PTE certificate as one of the binding conditions to prove English proficiency when applying for settlement. , which can completely replace certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge … when converting to equivalent scores.

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This test is recognized by thousands of universities worldwide, of which the most popular are UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore and other countries.

PTE certification is usually valid for 2 years. Particularly for immigration and vocational skills assessment in Australia, the validity period is 3 years.

The special feature of the PTE format is that you will be tested on your Speaking and Writing skills together. Not separate 4 skills like the IELTS test.

The PTE Academic test will include 5 tests on 4 skills (Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing) on a computer with a duration of 180 minutes.

  • Part 1: Test your Speaking and Writing skills (Speaking & Writing). Time from 54 to 67 minutes.
  • Part 2: Test reading skills. Time from 29 – 30 minutes
  • Part 3: Testing Listening skills (Listening). Time 30 – 43 minutes.

Because PTE is a very objective exam. To ensure this, candidates need to coordinate with the test center when taking the PTE exam. Not all personal items may be brought into the exam room. Supplies that can be brought into the exam room include:

  • Tissue
  • Cough medicine (opened)
  • Pillows to support the injured neck, back, arms, and legs
  • Sweaters, coats. Or an outfit that has pockets but you don’t want to take it off to check. You must show the proctor that the bag is empty.
  • Glasses and hearing aids
  • Neck belt (for those who are injured in the neck area)
  • Insulin pump attached to the individual body
  • People who plan to settle, work or study abroad in countries where English is the main language.
  • You must be 16 years old to register for the exam. Persons aged 16-18 must have written consent and signatures from their parents before registering for the exam. Persons from the age of 18 can register for the exam by themselves.

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