Points And Reward Policy

BoostPTE’s Point & Reward is a program only for BoostPTE students. For each successful transaction, students will be rewarded with points corresponding to the transaction value. You can use reward points to exchange for vouchers/coupons, participate in special classes, and receive gifts from sponsors….


Other Policies

Point Accumulate Through Service Payments

Students will receive bonus points after making successful transactions.

Package Bonus Points
Standard (30 days)
30 Points
Standard (90 days)
90 Points
Standard (180 days)
180 Points
Premium (30 days)
30 Points
Premium (90 days)
90 Points
Premium (180 days)
180 Points

Point Accumulate Through Activities

Invite new student

01 Points

Contribute lessons/questions on the real test

01 Points

Contribute answers in the community with more than 100 good votes

01 Points

Top contributors by month (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)

Rank 1: 20 Points
Rank 2: 10 Points
Rank 3: 05 Points

Ranking System


0 - 49 Points


50 - 149 Points


150 - 299 Points


300 or more Points

Other Regulations

Reward Exchange Policy


Raise Hand

Tham gia lớp học đặc biệt hoặc mở khóa bài học tutorial (lớp phát âm, lớp giao tiếp…)

Các phần quà của nhà tài trợ (tai nghe, loa bluetooth, sổ tay…)

Other regulations

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