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Writing – Write Essay Template

Nowadays, whether …<Topic issue> has sparked a heated debate and drawn public attention. Some people are firmly convinced that …<Viewpoint 1>, while others argue that …<Viewpoint 2>. After thorough consideration of all relevant factors, I believe that …<Opinion>.

First and foremost, when viewed from the …<Social/Political/Environment/Financial/Cultural/etc.> perspective, it is evident that …<Opinion>. Although the potential positive/negative impacts of …<Topic phrase 1> must be taken into account, I still reckon that …<Topic phrase 2> has/have in many ways harmed/benefited us. For example, a prominent scientist once stated that …<Your reason>. It is thus clearly shown that …<Opinion>.

Additionally, another …<Social/Political/Environment/Financial/Cultural/etc.> factor should also be taken into account in this situation. As far as society is concerned, the ultimate aim of …<Topic phrase 3> is to …<do something>. For instance, a recent article published in the The New York Times revealed …<Reason>. Undoubtedly, this is a clear indication that …<Opinion>.

In conclusion, due to the reasons outlined above, I have a strong belief that …<Opinion>. In order to move things forward, all parties involved must make a concerted effort to communicate and start changing. With all our efforts, we can certainly make this world a better place to live.

Tips In Using Template

  1. This template can be used for all essay questions.
  2. Use academic vocabulary.
  3. Word limit is between 200-300 words.

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