Repeat Sentence

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This question type is the 2nd one in the Speaking Section. Test takers will hear a recording of a single sentence only once, and your response will be recorded only once, too.

The length of a sentence is mainly 9-14 words.

Maximum reply time:15 seconds.

Number of questions in the exam: 10 – 12.

Method 258 is the best practice method. Read 258 but it’s 3 different repetition methods.

Method 2:

If you can’t understand the content of a sentence when it is too difficult, repeat 2-4 words, repeat the word in the content and add ”is important” at the end of your sentence to sound natural and fluent.

Method 5:

If you understand or remember half of the content when the sentence is too long, pay attention to half of the sentence while listening (first half / second half / first few words + last few words). And repeat half a sentence clearly and fluently.

Method 8:

If you can fully understand the content, skip the words you don’t remember well, and repeat 80% of the sentence clearly and fluently.

There are 3 steps to answer the question:

Step 1: Listen carefully to the sentence. And determine which method you follow (2 /5 /8).

Step2: After the listening is over, use 1-2 seconds to recall and organize your answers in your mind.

Step 3: Tell your answer clearly and fluently.

Response time

The maximum response time for each question is 15 seconds, but you probably don’t need that much time. Make sure you answer fluently and at a normal pace, without hesitation.

✎✎✎  Answer Short Question

3-second rule: like all other speaking questions, the recording will stop automatically if you are silent for 3 seconds.

There is no beep before the recording starts. After the audio ends, pay attention to the recording progress bar. Only start speaking when the recording starts. Since the recording must start 2 seconds after the audio ends, it is better and more recommended to spend 2 seconds preparing your answer before speaking, so that you don’t have to stare at the recording progress bar.

Practical goals

Goal 79+: Use Method 8 for short sentences and Method 5 for long sentences

Goal 65+: Use Method 5 for all sentences

Target 50 or less: Use Method 2 for all sentences

Training method

To improve your listening skills, you should do Repeat Sentence Practice with BoostPTE:

Step 1: Listen and repeat. Set playback interval in BoostPTE to 5 or 10 seconds and audio playback to 5 times. Repeat the sentence as much as you can in the interval. Don’t look at the script at this step.

Step 2: Learn and understand. Look at the script and check for unfamiliar words in the dictionary. Understand the meaning of the sentence.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 & 2 until fully understood / you can repeat 80% of sentences.

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