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This question type is the 1st one in the Speaking Section. Test takers will see a textual passage before they are given 40 seconds for preparation and another 40 seconds for reading the passage aloud, and answers are recorded only once. Questions in this form usually have 6-7 questions.


This is the most difficult question type in the speaking section where it is the most difficult for the examiner to get the maximum score. It is important that the techniques in this question type form the basis for the following questions.

Time span

The maximum time to record your answer is 40 seconds. When speaking at normal speed, the time required for a complete answer is 20-30 seconds. If you take more than 40 seconds for your answer, you are speaking too slow and you will not get the maximum score for this type of question.


Practice every day

Listen, read aloud, and repeat sample tests to familiarize yourself with the daily test questions. You should listen and practice every day.

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