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This question type is the 3rd one in the Speaking Section. Test takers will see a picture (of map, flow chart, table, bar chart, pie chart, line chart, etc.), and are supposed to deliver a description of the picture.

Preparation time: 25 seconds.

Answer time: 40 seconds.

Number of questions in the exam: 3 – 4.

Exam tips:

DI is a very simple question type. It’s important to use a good template that helps you mention at least 8 relationship and conclusion keywords or phrases. Try to pick keywords or phrases from different parts of the chart.

And the good news is that BoostPTE’s DI pattern works with all chart types! But the trademark difference is usually NOT in the model you use. It is usually caused by differences in fluency and pronunciation. So, make sure you speak clearly and fluently.

Download the template:

Sample BoostPTE DI: You can download it for free on BoostPTE’s website or APP

Response time:

Although you have up to 40 seconds to speak, you don’t have to use it up. 25 to 30 seconds is enough. If you speak too long and have not finished your sentence by the time the 40 seconds are up, you will lose points for fluency.

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