Multiple Choices Single Answer Listening

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Test takers will usually hear a lecture/dialogue(60s-90s)before required to accordingly choose a solely correct answer from given options. This question type usually consists of 1 or 2 questions.

Time Span

Single-choice-answer questions make up a negligible score in the Listening Section, so complete them as quickly as possible, to spend more time on a more well-deserved WFD. If you are sure of the correct answer, each question can take up to 1.5 minutes (with audio playback). If not, don’t spend too much time here, just make a preliminary selection right after playing the sound and enter next

Practical Goals

Single-choice-answer questions make up a negligible score in the Listening section so they deserve very low priority in the preparation of PTE. Before each audio clip is played, start reading the question asked and then listen to the audio in a targeted way, this will help get the key information that answers the question.

Practice Tasks

Before taking the mock/real exam, practice a set of questions to familiarize yourself with them. And pay attention to time management.

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