Summarize Written Text

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SWT is the 1st one in the Writing Section. Test takers will see a textual passage before they are given 10 minutes to write down their one-sentence summaries of the text. The word limit of is between 50 and 70 words. The length of the paragraph is usually within 300 words. And the test usually has 1-2 questions of this type.

Exam Tips

This is a very simple question form and has two steps to answer:

  1. Find the main sentences in the passage.
  2. Connect the main sentences into a grammatically correct sentence with SWT Template.

Follow These 3 Rules To Find Key Sentences:

Rule #1: Learn about the topic of the passage. Sentences that are not closely related to the topic are not main sentences.

Rule #2: Don’t choose complicated examples or sentences.

Rule #3: Choose a concluding sentence. Choose a detailed topic sentence. Do not choose sentences with repeated information.

When you use the pattern to link sentences, you don’t need to paraphrase any sentences. Make sure that the correct conjunctions are used. For example, words like “however/therefore/moreover” are not conjunctions. They cannot be used to link two sentences into a single sentence. And pay attention to punctuation and spacing.

Response Time

The maximum time for each task you have is 10 minutes. This is an individually timed task, which means that even if you complete this question early, such as in MAX 2 minutes, the remaining TWO minutes will NOT be added to the next question. Therefore, there is no need to rush, and the answers should be carefully checked before submission.

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Practical Goals

Practice until you can get almost full marks on the BoostPTE website. You must get a full score in Grammar, Vocabulary, and Form.

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