Fill in Blank (L&W)

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Test takers will usually hear an audio clip and see a textual passage with blanks, before required to write a correct word down in each blank according to the audio clip. This type of question usually consists of 2 or 3 tasks.


The LFIB, one of the important question types in the Listening Section, deserves every effort to ensure the correct proportions.

In real tests, the gap between two intervals is usually very small, so shorten your word-filling time and keep up with the sound. Therefore, you don’t have to type the word completely after you hear it, as you can take your time to complete the word after the audio ends.

Note: Press the Tab key to quickly jump to the next empty cell.

Time Span

Despite the importance of the LFIB in terms of score in the Listening section, do not spend too much time on this section, 2 minutes maximum each.

Practice Goals

Under 50 points: test takers don’t need to pay much attention to this type of question.

50 points: Get the correct rate of 50% or more.

65 points: For each task, try to limit errors to 1, never exceed 2; or average within 1.5 errors for every 5 gaps.

79 points: Try to limit errors to 1 for each task.

Practice Tasks

The it-depth practice of the WFD questions is enough, helping to improve the ability of FIB.

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