Write From Dictation

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Write from Dictation (WFD) is the most important question type in PTE Listening. It contributes marks to both Listening and Writing. It is scored based on the number of correct words in your answer. Test takers will hear a sentences spoken only once. Test takers, must type exactly what the speaker said. The recordings are between 10 and 11 words long. This type of questions consists 3 or 4 questions.


Test takers need to listen carefully and understand the meaning of sentences, do not memorize each individual word. You may mishear words.

Don’t trust your ear, because things like plosion loss, consonant-vowel linking, double sounds, and so forth will affect your judgement of what you hear. You need to use grammar knowledge to help you determine the correct word forms.

If you are not sure about some certain words in your answer, you can add possible words which will not affect your listening and writing scores, but please don’t add more than 3 words.

Time Span

Remember that this is the final task type in the test. Be aware of the time remaining so that you have enough time to attempt every question. WFD is an extremely important task for listening and writing, so please leave at least 5-6 minutes for it.

Practice Goal

Under 50 points: Correctly spell at least 4 words in each sentence.
50 points: Correctly spell 50% or above words in each sentence.
65 points: Correctly spell 70% or above words, (limit your error to 3 – 4 words) in each sentence.
79 points: Correctly spell 80% or above words (limit your error to 1 – 2 words) in each sentence.

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Practice Task

You can practice 30-50 questions on a daily basis on BoostPTE.

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