Summary Of The Latest Information Of PTE In 2022

Summary Of The Latest Information Of PTE In 2022
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Are you preparing for the PTE certification exam? Then it would be best if you did not ignore the article below, BoostPTE has compiled a set of PTE exams in 2022 with answers to send to readers.

Although PTE certification is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam, resources about PTE exams and lessons are still quite scarce. This made it difficult for the students to study and prepare for the exam. But don’t worry, BoostPTE will always synthesize and update the latest useful information as well as study materials to help you prepare for the exam more easily.

PTE Exam Structure

PTE exam structure consists of three tests of four skills Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. You have two hours to do the test. Especially with the PTE test format, you will be tested on the same Speaking and Writing skills, not separate four skills like the IELTS test. You will be given a general introduction and specific instructions for each section of the test. The test has 20 different question types, multiple choice, and essay sections. In the sections of the PTE exam, there will be different tests, requirements, and timings.

Introduce Yourself

The beginning of the PTE exam will be an introduction of yourself. You have 60 minutes to introduce yourself. This test helps you to be more mentally stable and confident. Please note that this test will not count toward the test.

Listening Test

Purpose of the exam

Test your Listening comprehension skills with various contextual audio and video clips. Sometimes it’s a lecture by a professor. Or maybe it will be a casual conversation between two friends.

This test consists of the following question types:

-Summarize Spoken Text (1-2 questions)

Summarize the conversation in 50 to 70 words.

-Multiple choice questions, multiple answers (1-2 questions)

You will choose the correct answers based on the audio clips. You need to select all the sentences that you think are correct.

– Fill in blanks (2 – 3 questions)

The audio clips will be played with subtitles on the screen. You just need to fill in the blanks in the subtitles based on what you hear.

-Highlight Correct Summary (1-2 questions)

After listening to the audio clips, you need to choose which summary is correct for the problem you heard.

-Multiple choice questions, single answer (1-2 questions)

After listening to the recordings, you will answer a multiple-choice question about the content you listen to by choosing the best sentence.

-Select the missing word (1-2 questions)

The recordings will be played without a word or a phrase. Use the available options, you will use them to fill in the blanks.

-Highlight the incorrect words (2 – 3 questions)

You need to choose words in the subtitles that are different from the recordings. LefL-click to highlight the incorrect word.

-Write from dictation (3 – 4 questions)

Listen carefully and write exactly what you hear verbatim.

Important note for this section:

Because it is the Listening test, there will be audio and video clip automatically starting, and you can only listen to it once, so you need to pay attention to not miss the answer.

You can adjust the volume for each question while the audio is playing. The complete structure of the PTE exam consists of 3 parts and lasts 2 hours.

If you just take a look at the online PTE exam structure, you will inevitably get confused because there are so many exam sections. The PTE test is easier to score than the IELTS. Since this is a computer-based test, there are tips and the possibility of getting a high score.

Reading Test

Purpose of the Reading test

Assess the reading comprehension of the passage. Includes basic singles-skill questions. Plus more complex integration skills. Break: Take a 10-minute break. You can choose to take a break or not.

This test includes the following question types:

-Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks (5 – 6 questions)

Choose the word that best fits the context of the sentence from the given list and fill in the blanks.

-Multiple choice, choose multiple answers (1-2 questions, multiple answers)

There are many correct answers in the given sentences. Choose the sentences that best match the passage.

-Reorder Paragraph (2-3 questions)

On the left-hand side, multiple paragraphs will be out of order. Drag and arrange them in the order on the right-hand side.

-Drag and Drop (4 – 5 questions)

The displayed paragraph will have many blank cells. Below the paragraph, there will be many different words. Drag and place the words into the matching boxes.

-Multiple choice, choose a single answer (1-2 questions, one answer)

There is only one correct answer in the given sentences. Choose the sentence that best matches the passage.

Important note for this section:

There is no time for each specific section. There is only one general total time for this section. Therefore you should always check your screen time. Doing well on this test will depend on how you allocate your time for each question item.

✎✎✎  Instructions to Schedule PTE Exams And Change Exam Schedules

Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks test: in addition to testing your reading comprehension skills, it also assesses your grammar ability. Therefore, this section also adds points for Writing skills.

Speaking & Writing Test

The Speaking test helps assess the level of flexible use of words in English. The Writing test helps assess candidates’ ability to write in English, with correct grammar and spelling. The Speaking section will begin with an Introduction. You will talk about yourself for about 1 minute/ And this part does not count toward the overall score. You will be assessed your Speaking ability by repeating the sentences said in a recording. Answer questions and summarize a passage on an academic topic.

This test consists of the following question types:
– Read Aloud (6-7 sentences)
You need to read out loud the text on the screen. You are given a period to proofread before the recorder picks up.

– Repeat Sentence (10-12 sentences)
After listening to a statement via audio, you need to repeat it verbatim.

– Describe the Image (3-4 sentences)
You need to describe the image displayed on the screen, after 25 seconds of preparation.

– Retell Lecture (1-2 sentences)
You need to understand/remember and grasp the main idea of the short lecture, sixteen to nineteen seconds in length. You then have 10 seconds to prepare and will need to retell the lecture you heard in your own words.

– Answer Short Questions (5-6 questions)
You need to briefly answer one or a few words after listening to the question.

-Summarize Written Text (1-2 sentences)
You need to summarize the given passage into a sentence of 5 to 75 words.

-Writing Essay (1-2 sentences)
You need to write an essay of 200 to 300 words on the requested topic.

-Important Notes for Speaking and Writing
You don’t need to use words that are too sublime, just use them correctly and pronounce them. Also, you need to finish speaking your answer before the time bar hits the mark.
Especially keep in mind that if you do not speak within 03 seconds, the recording of the answer will automatically stop. And you will lose points.

Who Can Take the PTE Exam

PTE Academic test subjects are those who plan to settle, work or study in English-speaking countries.
You must be 16 years old to register for the exam. Persons aged 16-18 must have written consent and signatures from their parents before registering for the exam.

Point Scale and PTE Point Conversion

PTE Academic has been scored using an automated computer system. This will ensure correctness, objectivity, and fairness. The scale given by Pearson Education is from 0 to 90 points, based on the standards set by the Global Scale of English.

PTE to IELTS score conversion table
PTE Academic    IELTS
30                           4.5
36                           5.0
42                           5.5
50                           6.0
58                           6.5
65                           7.0
73                           7.5
79                           8.0
83                           8.5
86                           9.0

PTE score conversion table to TOEFL iBT
PTE Academic              TOEFL
38                                  40 – 44
42                                  54 – 56
46                                  65 – 66
50                                  74 – 75
53                                  87 – 88
59                                       94
64                                       94
68                                  99 – 100
72                                      105
78                                      113
84                                      120


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