Re-order Paragraphs

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Usually, this question type is the 3rd one in the Reading Section. Test takers will see a textual passage consisting of shuffled paragraphs, and this question type usually consists of 2 or 3 questions.


This is the most difficult question type in the Reading section. This type has its tricks, such as trying to find pronouns, etc., but the key to answering this type of question is the test-taker’s usual cumulative reading and language experience. Without good reading comprehension skills, it is very difficult to get a maximum score on this type of question.

Time Span

RO is a -cost score, and a disproportionately high difficulty type of question. If you are sure of the correct answer, you can spend up to 2 minutes on each question. For those unsure, there is no need to spend more than 1.5 minutes on each question and a preliminary answer is enough, spend more time following the FIB questions.

Practical Goals

50 points: Just skip this type of question to prepare for PTE.

65 points: Use a pronoun/logical/chronological approach, and any score achieved will work.

79 points: Use pronoun/logical/chronological approach, and get 2 points for each question.

Practice Tasks

If you can’t get 2 points on each question, practice the FIB questions first, this can improve your understanding of this type of question. Do not stick to this type of question until you have had enough FIB practice and have made sure to meet the requirements corresponding to a particular class section.

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