Fill in Blank (R&W)

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This question type is usually the 4th one in the Reading Section. Test takers will see a textual passage of 300 or so words containing several blanks. Each blank has a drop-down box, which includes 4 to 5 options. Your task is to choose the most suitable option for each blank.


Usually, the information needed to answer the blank is in the part of the paragraph before the gap, at most one more sentence after the gap. So there’s no need to read through the entire passage in the first place. As you are reading, pay attention to all the details that can be related to the blank, which are words with similar meanings or words that discuss similar topics. You also need to improve your vocabulary, and the dictionary is always the best teacher. Grammar knowledge is also very important. It can help you analyze the structure of a sentence, especially long sentences.

Time Span

Readings are timed in groups, lasting from 29 to 30 minutes. Since FIBRW is the most important question type in the PTE reading, you should spend no more than 2 minutes on each FIBRW question. However, if you spend too much time on each question, you may not have enough time to complete the rest of the reading. So time management is very important.

Practical goals

At least 1 blank in each question is correct.

50 points: Correct at least half of the blanks.

65 points: Each wrong answer has at most 2 blanks.

✎✎✎  Fill in Blank (R)

79 points: Each wrong answer has at most 1 blank.

Practice Tasks

Practice 15 FIBRW tasks in an in-depth reading. While practicing, don’t memorize the answers. Make sure you clearly understand how and why each answer was chosen. You should learn vocabulary, grammar points, and sentence analysis skills along the way. You need to keep practicing and keep honing your skills. You need time to improve in FIBRW. Please be patient.

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