Reading Multiple Choices Multiple Answers

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Test takers will see a textual passage of 200 to 300 words, together with a question and 5 to 7 choices, and are required to answer the question by choosing the correct choices according to the passage. This type of question usually consists of 1 or 2 questions.


PTE questions with multiple choices and multiple answers make up a very small percentage of the total score, so they only deserve a rather low priority in PTE exam preparation. The most important thing is time management, make sure to complete this type of question within 1 or 2 minutes, because using too much time here can be stressful in the time required for the questions. the next important, time-consuming question (FIB).

In multiple-choice questions, candidates who answer 1 question correctly get 1 point, if they get 1 wrong answer, lose 1 point, they get 0 points if they don’t choose any question. So, unless you are very sure, don’t give more than one choice when answering each question of this type.

Time Span

All the questions in the Reading Section share a common timer, so the more time spent on one question, the less time spent on the other questions. Better yet, test takers should answer this type of question as quickly as possible to allow enough time for subsequent FIB questions that take up more time. If a candidate is sure of answering a particular question correctly, he or she can spend up to 1.5 minutes on that question. For those who are unsure, each question of this type will take up to 1 minute just to make a preliminary selection from the given choices.

✎✎✎  Fill in Blank (R)

Practice Tasks

Before the mock/real test, practice a complete set of questions in the Reading Section to familiarize yourself with questions and time management.

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