Mastering The PTE Exam: A Comprehensive Guide To Learn PTE

Mastering The PTE Exam: A Comprehensive Guide To Learn PTE
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Do you want to learn PTE and get a PTE certificate for the purpose of studying abroad, settling down, or looking for a job? So do you know how to learn PTE properly?

Finding PTE materials or courses is no longer so difficult as PTE has become more and more popular. Along with the development of technology today, applications or websites for self-study and exam preparation have also developed. Therefore, as long as there is the internet and a smartphone, people can study PTE anytime, anywhere.

Understanding The PTE Exam Structure

PTE is a test of English proficiency. The structure of the PTE exam consists of 3 parts to test 4 skills: Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing. Exam time is 120 minutes, with 100% computer-based, grading. In particular, the Speaking and Writing tests will be held at the same time and not separately from the IELTS test.

Detailed analysis of each part of the exam in the structure of the PTE exam

As mentioned above, the PTE exam has many test sections, the details of which are analyzed as follows:

Introduce yourself

This is the candidate’s self-introduction, is limited to 60 seconds, and does not count towards the PTE exam.

Part 1: Test your Speaking and Writing skills (Speaking and Writing)

The length of this section is from 77 to 93 minutes. The Speaking test is intended to assess the level of using vocabulary, making sentences, and expressing flexibly in English. The Writing test assesses candidates’ skills in using vocabulary in sentence expression, grammar, and spelling.

At the beginning of the Speaking test, candidates introduce themselves for 1 minute. This section does not count toward the test and does not affect the final score. Candidates will be graded on Speaking ability by repeating sentences in the recording. Candidates need to answer a question and summarize a short passage on a certain academic topic.

Part 2: Test reading skills

In the structure of the PTE exam, this section is used to assess the candidate’s reading comprehension ability. Includes questions for basic and advanced single skills. The duration for this section is from 32 to 41 minutes. Contestants have a 10-minute break, which they can choose to take or not.

Part 3: Testing listening skills (Listening)

This test will assess the candidate’s listening comprehension skills with audio and video clips in a variety of contexts. With the latest PTE exam structure, the duration of this section is from 45 to 57 minutes.

Know Your Level

Knowing your level is the first step in helping you achieve your PTE study goals. Determining your level will have the following benefits:

✎✎✎  Some Useful Information Regarding PTE Academic Test

You will know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can overcome them. Focus on reviewing the important exam sections for your PTE goals. By doing these things, you can confidently embrace the goal of studying for the learn pte online.

Advantages Of PTE Certificate

PTE is a new certificate, but it is quite popular and has been chosen by many students in recent times with many positive advantages:

Widely Recognized In The World

PTE Academic is globally recognized and can be used alongside or in place of other English language qualifications. Most universities and colleges in the world and some leading business schools in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, etc. recognize PTE certificates. In addition, many embassies, organizations, and citizenship services, … recognize PTE Academic as a certificate that meets English criteria to apply for a student and settlement visa.

High Confidentiality And Fairness

The PTE Academic test is conducted and scored entirely on computers, security, and confidentiality procedures, eliminating the case of errors or subjective assessment and scoring from humans. This is considered the biggest difference compared to other English certificates.

The Exam Fee Is Cheap

The fee for the PTE exam is considered cheap compared to other foreign languages certifications such as IELTS or TOEFL,… Especially, if you register for the exam early, the fee will also be cheaper: Before 48 hours, the fee is 150 – 170 USD (about 3.7 – 3.9 million VND); Register for the exam between 24 – 47 hours, the fee is about 180 – 200 (about 4.2 – 4.7 million VND)

Send Test Scores Fast, Unlimited Quantity And No Extra Fee

PTE test results are available quickly and accurately after 24 hours and no later than 5 days from the test date. Candidates will receive an email notifying they have their test scores, the email will instruct them on how to access their scores and how to transfer these scores to the school they are applying to.

Important Notes When Studying PTE Exam Formats

Every day should spend time WFD on the BoostPTE exam preparation platform
You need to try to do 30-50 sentences depending on your ability
If there is a word you can’t hear or make a mistake, write it down and look up the meaning to avoid making a mistake next time
To make it easier to remember, please translate the sentence into Vietnamese
Practice noting the first letter of 5-6 words at the end of a sentence
Practice memorizing phrases instead of single words
Next time you review, try randomly redoing the list of sentences you did last time
Record the sentences you have practiced with your voice and then listen and recite it, it will be easier to remember
Always pay attention to notifications to update new sentences on BoostPTE

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