Which one is easier, PTE or IELTS?

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One of the most interesting questions ever- IELTS or PTE, is PTE easier than IELTS? Is PTE better than IELTS? After observing over 200 clients taking one English exam or another, we have compiled the following blog. It will send you the following:

  1. About PTE and IELTS.
  2. Decision questions.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages.


About PTE and IELTS



The PTE is a computer-based exam – which means the test is done on a computer and the testing is also computer-based. It has 4 components: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. ALL of which take place in the same test. That is in less than 3 hours. In speaking, you speak into the microphone. Real and timed mock tests are available on the official PTE website. For more information, visit: https://pearsonpte.com/, https://aboutpte.com/


IELTS is a written exam and is checked by an examiner. Practice materials are available but NO mock tests are provided by the official IELTS. IELTS also has 4 components: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. However, all of this does NOT happen at the same time. The “speaking” part has a pace after a few days or the same day but after a few hours. For more information, visit: https://ielts.com/, https://aboutielts.com/

Decision making question

Before analyzing the pros and cons, ask yourself the following questions:

Computer or Human

Do you find it more enjoyable to read a passage and speak into the microphone, or to talk to a real person? Sometimes talking to a real person can be stressful. For example, coming up with things to say about a certain topic may not be the easiest thing to do. In this case, you only have to read aloud a certain passage in the PTE. Are you comfortable with typing? You don’t need to worry about it, but make sure your typing speed is good if you choose PTE. Some people prefer writing to typing, so you need to determine what your strengths are.

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How quickly do you need results?

If you need the test results quickly, you should choose PTE, which takes 3 business days (sometimes even less). As opposed to IELTS results which can take up to 14 calendar days. This can also be useful in case you want to take a second try, knowing you didn’t get the desired score in time, can give you more time to prepare for the next attempt.




  1. ComputeC-based test – usually more accurate.
  2. The test ends in 3 hours
  3. Actual mock tests are available
  4. Mock tests cost 1/10 of the exam fee so you can get the hang of it before you pay for the exam.
  5. Test results will be available in 3 working days.


  1. Attempt based on the computer – difficult if you can’t type well.
  2. Not accepted by the majority of countries for immigration purposes.

talking to the examiner.



Computer-based checking – is usually more accurate.

The test finishes in 3 hours

Realistic mock tests available

Mock tests are priced at 1/10th of the exam fees so you can get a fair idea before paying for the exam.

Test results come back in 3 business days.


Computex-based attempt- difficult if you can’t type well.

Not accepted by the majority of countries for immigration purposes.



Written tests- can seem easier to some people.

Accepted by the majority of countries for immigration purposes.


The entire test doesn’t finish in 3 hours. The speaking section is conducted a few hours/days after the exam.

The test results take 14 days to come.

You have to speak on a topic (on the spot) while talking to the examiner.

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